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Little Women is a classic novel capturing the lives of four sisters in the 1800s. Over one hundred years later, I am raising my own little women—four sisters born within five years. But motherhood, womanhood, and life in general looks different in the 21st century.

I love classic literature, old home charm, and traditions. But I also love exploring and expanding, critical thinking and open mindedness.

In this space, I explore what it’s like to raise four little women in the modern age. Our family has been shaped by divorce and remarriage, and my four little women have a step-dad, step-brother, and half-sister.

My daughters have deeply shaped me, but I am also a soul independent of them. In this space, I’ll also explore topics of faith and deconstruction, spirituality, cultivating peace, and creating a better tomorrow while believing in the future generation.

Oh, the loveliness and charm of days long ago… and oh, the wonder of living in modern times, knowing we are making history even now as we live out our days. In the mundane and in the extraordinary, we are both the future and the past as time marches on to her familiar beat.

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A mama raising 4 little women in the modern age + a stepson and a half-sister. Reflecting on motherhood, spirituality, faith, cultivating peace, and creating a better tomorrow.